When to see a General Practitioner (GP)?

Most people don’t go to the doctor unless they’re sick or have a problem. But you should start by seeing your GP when you’re well. By seeing your GP routinely, you can stay on top of your health. He or she can provide preventive health screenings and monitor your health over time. This allows them to catch diseases early and help you manage them before they progress into more serious conditions.

How often you routinely see your doctor depends on your health. Many doctors recommend you come in once a year for a check-up. But if you have problems or a chronic condition, such as heart disease or diabetes, you will likely be seen more often.

When deciding whether to call the doctor when you’re experiencing symptoms, you should also consider the state of your health and any risk factors you may have. For example, if you have asthma and you get a respiratory infection, you may need to see your doctor sooner than someone who doesn’t have asthma.

In addition, if you’re having new symptoms after having a procedure, surgery, immunisation, injection, or starting a new medicine, you should call your GP.

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      When is it important to consult a GP ?

      The most common diseases : 

      • Common colds that do not get better within a week
      • Painful pain in the ear
      • Headaches
      • Persistent cough
      • Conjunctivitis
      • Palpitations
      • Joint pain
      • Back pain
      • Heartburn and chest pain
      • Skin problems such as rashes, spots and moles
      • Abdominal problems such as indigestion, abdominal pain, diarrhoea, bloating, constipation
      • High blood pressure
      • Diabetes
      • Excessive stress
      • Stress
      • Depression
      • Urinary tract infections
      • Period problems
      • Contraception
      • Sexual health

      We also encourage annual health checks, our specialist has lists of tests for each of us according to your Gender – Age – Size – Weight.

      Private GP specialist

      GP Fees

      • Consultation
        From £135
      • Start/End of VIE Consultation
      • Video Consultation (only for known patients)
      • Extras : Phlebotomy
        £55 + tests
      • Home visit 30 mins (3 miles from the clinic)


      Booking will only be done through the reception, not online. Areas covered for Home Visits : Borough of Kensington & Chelsea, and Battersea Power Station. For other locations, please ask a quotation to the receptionists. Full payment is required at the time of booking for Home Visits.

      Booking info:
      A prepayment of £70 will be asked at the moment you book the appointment, the remaining will need to be settled on the day of your consultation

      Cancellation Policy:
      More than 72h before the consultation: Fully refunded
      In between 72h & 48h: £70 prepayment will be kept
      Less than 48h: Consultation fully charged