What is Gynaecology ?

Our gynaecologists take care of all routine gynaecological issues and pregnancies.

Our Clinic is equipped for all in-office procedures, allowing a more comprehensive OB-GYN care in a spacious, pleasant environment, designed to respect your privacy:

  • 2D/3D ultrasound for pregnancy
  • Endo-vaginal ultrasound for a precise diagnosis
  • Cervicovaginal smear
  • IUD Placement
  • Management of infertility
  • Medical surveillance of oral contraception
  • Screening and management of breast pathology
  • Treatment of prolapse and urinary incontinence


Discover our Gynaecology Specialists

      When is it important to consult a Gynaecologist ?

      During a pregnancy, you can rely on us for an opinion, a clinical examination, or a 2D/3D ultrasound. Our team of gynaecologists is there to help you serenely lead your pregnancy to term, and advise you on your delivery.

      In the post-natal period, we will help you choose a contraceptive method, implement it, and control it every year.

      LMM’s gynaecologists can perform all gynaecological surgery procedures in private London hospitals such as London Bridge Hospital or Princess Grace Hospital. In vitro fertilization procedures are also available.

      Gynaecology Packages

      • Well woman check : Consultation + Smear test ( HPV + PAPT ) + Ultrasound – £490
      • Pre Pregnancy health check :Consultation, examination and tests: Biood group, Liver function test, Full blood counts, Rubella lgG/lgM, Hepatitis B Surface antigen, Hepatitis C, Vitamin D, Thyroid function, Varicella zoster lgG/lgM), Random glucose, Haemoglubin electrophoresis. £1240
      • Menopause Health Check : . Consultation, ultrasound, examination, blood tests: FSH,LH, Oestradiol (17 Beta),TSH,FT4. £490
      • Fertility Health Check: Consultation, ultrasound, examination, blood test: FSH (day 2/3), LH, Oestradiol, AMH, Progesterone (day 21). Prolactin, Vitamin D, Thyroid function. £760
      • Recurrent miscarriage profile : consultation and blood test. £1450
      • Comprehensive sexual health check : Consultation, examination and tests: Serology: HIV 1&2, Hep B surface antigen, Hep C Abs. Syphilis lgG/lgM – Vaginal swab: Chlamydia/Gonorrhoea, Mycoplasma, Ureaplasma, Trlchomonas, Gardnerella. Herpes simplex 1/11. £690
      • Basic sexual health check : Consultation. examlnatlon and tests: Serology: HIV 1&2, Syphllls lgG/lgM Vaginal PCR. Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea. £490
      • Recurrent trush package: Consultation, examination, vaginal swabs: HVS: Candida species, Gardnerella and Trichomonas by PCR- Blood:
        FBC, VITD, HbA1C, Glucose. £590
      • PCOS package (short) without ultrasound scanning : Consultation, examination, Blood test: Test, SHBG, FAI, FSH, LH, Glucose, Lipid profile, FT4/TSH, HbA1C. £490
      • PCOS package with ultrasound scanning:Consultation, ultrasound examination, ultrasound scanning, blood tests: Test, SHBG, FAI, FSH, LH, Glucose, Lipid profile, FT4/TSH, HbA1C. £690
      • Ovarian cancer screening : Consultation, ultrasound scan and blood test. £590

      Private Gynaecologist London

      Gynaecologist Fees

      • Consultation Gynaecology (initial) 30 mn
      • 3D Gynaecology Ultrasound scan (without consultation )
      • 3D Gynaecology Ultrasound scan (with consultation )
      • Early Pregnancy scan (without consultation )
      • Ultrasound Scan endometrial  Biopsy
      • Ultrasound Guided insertion/removal of intra-uterine device (coil) + IUD cost.
      • Consultation + removal of existing coil.  ( IUD removal ) + ultrasound
      • Consultation + difficult  removal of existing coil  , extra time under ultrasound
      • Follicule tracking. ( initial scan )
      • Obstetrics Consultation + T1 Ultrasound
      • Obstetrics Consultation + T2 Ultrasound
      • Obstetrics Consultation + T3 Ultrasound

      Our Gynaecology Diagnostics

      • Phlebotomy fee
        £55 + tests

      Booking info:
      A prepayment of £70 will be asked at the moment you book the appointment, the remaining will need to be settled on the day of your consultation

      Cancellation Policy:
      More than 72h before the consultation: Fully refunded
      In between 72h & 48h: £70 prepayment will be kept
      Less than 48h: Consultation fully charged