What is Naturopathy ?


Naturopathy is focused on identifying the underlying cause of illness rather than suppressing symptoms and is based on the principle that the body can heal itself, given the right condition and treatment. It takes into account a patient’s individuality.

What is Functional Medicine ?

Functional medicine takes a new approach to your health, focusing on addressing the root cause of disease and looking at the person as a whole.

With a personalised therapeutic approach, functional medicine engages both patient and practitioner, moving the traditional practice of medicine from a disease-centred attitude to patient-centred healthcare, which means a functional approach is far more successful at resolving health concerns that haven’t been addressed fully by allopathic medicine.

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    What health conditions can Naturopathic Doctors help?


    Allergies are the result of poor immune and digestive activity. Naturopathic doctors use treatments to help improve these functions and offer allergy relief. In case of seasonal allergies, starting naturopathy a few months before the season is a good idea.


    Headaches and migraines aren’t just muscular or ergonomic issues. Other causes include hormonal imbalances, dehydration, or poor nutrition. Naturopathic doctors will take a comprehensive history and examination.

    Fertility issues

    Fertility can be physically and mentally draining for both men and women. Traditional treatments can be costly and complicated. Naturopathy helps improve fertility for both men and women. Instead of relying on treatments like IVF, naturopathic doctors work on improving fertility. They use natural methods to avoid external tactics altogether.

    Digestive problems

    Naturopathy focuses on different factors of health and disease. Naturopathic doctors will consider physical, mental, genetic, congenital, emotional and other external factors. They aim to find and fix the cause of a disease, instead of treating symptoms independently.


    Obesity is a therefore huge health concern. Naturopathic doctors provide permanent and safe weight loss plans. These make use of healthy diets and lifestyle choices. This encourages ideal weight loss instead of fast solutions that aren’t as effective.

    Hormonal imbalances

    Basically, hormones are body chemicals used to carry instructions to the cells. They control important functions like growth, immunity, and metabolism. If your hormones are out of control, they can affect your body. They can target the brain, heart and sexual activity, along with other parts of the body. You can treat these hormone imbalances in a natural way.

    Chronic pain

    Naturopathic doctors provide safe and efficient substitutes for addictive drugs. These can have a negative effect in case of chronic pain. They use non-drug treatment plans to manage chronic pain. Naturopathic doctors also have the knowledge to make customized management plans. These approaches work according to a person’s lifestyle, nutrition, occupation, and leisure.

    Chronic fatigue syndrome

    Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) showing results with naturopathic medicine. It is a complicated condition associated with severe fatigue. What’s worse is that it cannot get better with rest. It can even become worse after any physical or mental strain.


    Naturopathic doctors are offering patients great treatment options for their diabetes. These include nutrition, lifestyle changes, botanical medicine, acupuncture etc. Control of important factors includes:

    • Regulating Diet
    • Preventing Over-Eating
    • Treating Deficiencies
    • Avoiding Refined Sugars
    • Promoting Exercise
    • Maintaining Weight


    Naturopathic doctors treat the underlying cause of any health condition, including mental issues. The right nutrition is a fundamental component of any naturopathic treatment. Nutrition can change moods. This is because different chemicals and nutrients are needed for healthy brain function. A good diet is important for proper brain health.

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    Naturopath Fees

    • Consultation – 60 mins
    • Video consultation – 60 mins

    Booking info:
    A prepayment of £70 will be asked at the moment you book the appointment, the remaining will need to be settled on the day of your consultation

    Cancellation Policy:
    More than 72h before the consultation: Fully refunded
    In between 72h & 48h: £70 prepayment will be kept
    Less than 48h: Consultation fully charged