Dr. Isabelle MARTINEAU

  • Functional Medicine
  • Speciality : DU Endocrinology and Metabolism diseases.
  • Endocrinology Certificate
  • GMC : 3699450
  • Speaks : French & English

Dr Isabelle Martineau (MD, MBSBM, LFHom, dipCNM, AFMCP) is a Functional Medicine Doctor. She graduated as a medical doctor in Paris at the University of Pierre et Marie Curie in the ‘hospital Saint Antoine’. She trained and qualified in the speciality of ENDOCRINOLOGY, METABOLIC DISEASES and NUTRITION.


Over the past years Dr Isabelle Martineau decided  to integrate  more NATUROPATHIC  NUTRITION into her medical treatments :

– She is holding the diploma of the College of Naturopathic Medicine in Nutrition (dipCNM).

While embarking on this more integrative approach she discovered  :

– the Bioregulatory Medicine group (BRM) practised in different countries such as the UK, Germany, Canada, Australia, Mexico.  She studied with the founders of the group here in London and got the diploma in Bioregulatory Medicine.

– the Royal London Hospital of Integrative medicine (RLHIM), part of UCL and the Faculty of Homeopathy where she learnt the subject and passed the licence, LFHom.

– the Institute for FUNCTIONAL   MEDICINE (IFM)  originally started in the USA. She took the AFMCP (accreditation in FUNCTIONAL medicine )and is applying this approach to her clinical practice.

As part of her passion for nutrition, she is also collaborating with the neuroscientists running a neurotherapy clinic here in London using state of the art neurofeedbacks method.

And last but not least, Dr.Isabelle  background in Endocrinology has led her to explore and deepen the anti-ageing and age-management therapies using mainly bio-identical hormones.

Dr Isabelle Martineau is registered and a member of the  Ordre des Medecins (Paris), the General Medical Council (GMC),  the Royal Society of Medicine (RSM, London), the faculty of homoeopathy, the British Society of Bioregulatory Medicine (BSBM), the Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM).

My consultation subject

   What is Functional Medicine and Bioregulatory Medicine?

These two complementary approaches search for the underlying causes of symptoms rather than simply treating the symptoms alone.  BioRegulatory Medicine and Functional Medicine bring tools which go to the root cause of the illness to bring resolution of the disease. Searching for the root cause does not mean looking only for the physiological signs and chemical or hormonal imbalances but also taking account of the mental state and the past psychological events as the  PSYCHO-NEURO- ENDOCRINO-IMMUNO (PNEI) systems are strongly linked together.

How does functional medicine work?

It digs to the cellular level to restore homeostasis (biochemical equilibrium within the cells). It pays careful attention for example to toxic overload, proposing detoxification of the gastro-intestinal system and the liver, in order to regenerate the tissues and boost the energy of the systems. It allows the physician to modulate in a more refined way the body response to any aggressions whether infectious, inflammatory or psychologically stressful. It, therefore, demands a more in-depth medical history looking for genetic susceptibility, biochemical disruption, stress accumulation, hormonal imbalance, toxicity overload, unresolved psychological issues and unhealthy lifestyle habits among which western diet plays a big part.

Which disease can be improved by functional medicine and nutrition?

Our unhealthy lifestyle has recently led to an increase of a chronic state of inflammation in the body inducing the main 20th century illnesses such as :

– diabesity ( diabetes type 2  induced by obesity), metabolic syndrome

– digestive issues: IBS, IBD, maldigestion, chronic infection,

– women health / hormonal issues: women health check, PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome), PMS (premenstrual syndrome), hormonal dysbalance, hormonal deficiency =pre, peri, post-menopause, fertility,

– thyroid dysfunction including Hashimoto disease,

– adrenal issues: burn-out, chronic fatigue syndrome,

– depression, addiction, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease; many of these ‘dis-eases’ result from basic physiological homeostatic disruption  in the first place; as well as  intestinal permeability (leaky gut) associated to dysbiosis, (unhealthy microbiome/bacteria of the gut),

– age management therapy,

All health problems are first managed with nutrition advices, orthomolecular suggestions, bio-identical hormones when appropriate and rebalance of the mind-body-spirit status to empower the patient to an optimum health.


Functional Medicine - Fees

  • First Consultation 90 mins
  • Video Consultation – 60min
  • Video Consultation – 90min
  • Follow-up ( 60 mins)

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